Proud to Be: Native Women

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What famous Native American and Indigenous women do you know and treasure? Sometimes, non-Native people can only think of two historical figures: Pocahontas and Sacagawea. We should all know a lot more.

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I want us to teach each other the names of Native women who we should all know and treasure so it becomes less possible, less thinkable, to have a video about Native representation that cites the names of 10 Native American men and 0 Native American women. I’ve counted approximately 133 names here. They are leaders, activists, artists, warriors, teachers, scholars, filmmakers, novelists, poets, actresses, doctors, lawyers, queens and ballerinas. Some of their names I know well, especially those from my own Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) communities. Some of them I only discovered as I started to make this list. They are all women I am continuing to learn and care more about. Please help me add to the list.

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